College GameDay “Comin’ To Your City” 2014-17

Wondering what the lyrics are for the College GameDay “Comin’ To Your City” song? Well, wonder no more!

Sung by Big and Rich with Lzzy Hale

ESPN College GameDay! We’re comin’ to your city!
Good Morning, [what city GameDay is in]!
And we’re comin’ to you city!
Well, we rolled right through Death Valley, Boomer Sooner and Gig ‘Em Aggies
Threw our Longhorns up in Austin along the way!
Roll Tide Rolled through Alabama, hit ‘em hard at the Farm in Stanford,
Put our hands up for the War Eagle on the Plains!
Rocked the Big House and the Gator’s Swamp,
Fightin’ Irish and the Tomahawk Chop,
Fight On USC, the Buckeyes and Georgia Dawgs!
Check it out!
Now there’s no doubt how the Gameday Crew makes us scream out loud through our ragtops
The show that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat
Breakin’ down the matchup when powerhouses meet
With Fowler, Corso, Des, David and Kirk
You know ESPN’s puttin’ in that work
Like 4th and Goal, get ready to play
Time to kick off, y’all
It’s College GameDay!

Hope everyone is having a great season so far!

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3 comments on “College GameDay “Comin’ To Your City” 2014-17
  1. Slim says:

    LOVE College GameDay!!!
    Missing lyrics: “ESPN’S puttin’ in that work”

  2. lanierisland says:

    Thanks you so so much….you the bomb😃😉👍

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CFP Top 25

1. LSU
2. Ohio State
3. Clemson
4. Georgia

5. Alabama
6. Oregon
7. Utah
8. Penn State
9. Oklahoma
10. Minnesota
11. Florida
12. Wisconsin
13. Michigan
14. Baylor
15. Auburn
16. Notre Dame
17. Iowa
18. Memphis
19. Cincinnati
20. Boise State
21. Oklahoma State
*22. Iowa State
*23. USC
24. Appalachian State
*25. SMU

*New Team

Dropped Out: 19Texas, 23Navy, 24Kansas State

AP Top 25

1. LSU (10-0,6-0)
2. Ohio State (10-0,7-0)
3. Clemson (11-0,8-0)
4. Georgia (9-1,6-1)
5. Alabama (9-1,6-1)
6. Oregon (9-1,6-1)
7. Utah (9-1,6-1)
8. Oklahoma (9-1,6-1)
9. Penn State (8-1,5-1)
10. Florida (9-2,6-2)
11. Minnesota (9-1,6-1)
12. Michigan (8-2,5-2)
13. Baylor (9-1,6-1)
14. Wisconsin (8-2,5-2)
15. Notre Dame (8-2)
16. Auburn (7-3,4-3)
17. Cincinnati (9-1,6-0)
18. Memphis (9-1,5-1)
19. Iowa (7-3,4-3)
20. Boise State (9-1,6-0)
21. SMU (9-1,5-1)
22. Oklahoma State (7-3,4-3)
*23. Appalachian State (9-1,5-1)
*24. Texas A&M (7-3,4-2)
*25. Virginia Tech (7-3,4-2)

Dropped Out: 21Navy (7-2,5-2), 22Texas (6-4,4-3), 24Indiana (7-3,4-3)

*New Team

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