Week of Sept 12 Preview

This will be the first week with FBS football teams playing. I am looking forward to a little bit of normalcy. It is hard to preview games this early in the season because we don’t have any real information on teams, but I’ll do my best.

Notable Games
Duke at 10Notre Dame
This should be a good look into Notre Dame. It shouldn’t be a close game, but Duke has a QB transfer from Clemson that should be helpful to the Blue Devils. Notre Dame has Ian Book at the helm again and should be strong. This will be the Fighting Irish’s first official ACC game.
I am picking Notre Dame

Syracuse at 18North Carolina
Another proof game in the ACC. North Carolina underperformed last season but they are expected to do better this year and were originally picked to win their division. Mack Brown is a seasoned coach and he has a good QB in Sam Howell. His experience as a freshman should help him this year. Syracuse is always a scrappy team that can pull an upset. Don’t be surprised if this one seems closer than it should.
I am picking North Carolina

UAB at Miami (Thursday)
I’m excited about this game. I think it will be close. UAB is one of the better group of 5 teams and Miami is looking to improve. The Blazers gave up 35 points in their win over Central Arkansas which is a little concerning. Miami got grad transfer QB D’Eriq King from Houston and that should be a plus for them. I think this game has the potential to be fun and high scoring. I am giving the edge to Miami, but it should be a close game.
I am picking Miami

Arkansas State at Kansas State
This is a strange matchup. Arkansas State is coming off a loss to Memphis, but they played hard. I really like Kansas State’s coach and even though they are an inexperienced team, I think they will play tough on defense. This game could go a lot of ways, but I doubt there will be a lot of scoring.
I am picking Kansas State

Georgia Tech at Florida State
Florida State has had a tough couple of years. This year they bring in a new head coach in Mike Norvell to try and bring some life back to the Seminoles. Georgia Tech was not picked to do well this season, so this shouldn’t be a close game. I am interested to see how Florida State looks on offense.
I am picking Florida State

WKU at Louisville
Louisville had a pretty good first season under head coach Scott Satterfield and will look to build in year two. Western Kentucky was picked to be a contender in their conference, and I know they will put up a fight. I think the Cardinals should win this game. They are the better team, but that doesn’t mean WKU won’t give them a scare.
I am picking Louisville

Top 25
1Clemson at Wake Forest
3Alabama BYE
4Georgia BYE
Missouri State at 5Oklahoma
8Florida BYE
Duke at 10Notre Dame
11Auburn BYE
12Wisconsin NOT PLAYING
13Texas A&M BYE
UTEP at 14Texas
15Oklahoma State
16Michigan NOT PLAYING
Syracuse at 18North Carolina
19Minnesota NOT PLAYING
20Cincinnati BYE
Louisiana at 23Iowa State
25Tennessee BYE

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AP Top 25

1. Alabama (3-0,1-0)
2. Georgia (3-0,1-0)
3. Oregon (3-0,0-0)
4. Oklahoma (3-0,0-0)
5. Iowa (3-0,1-0)
6. Penn State (3-0,1-0)
7. Texas A&M (3-0,0-0)
8. Cincinnati (3-0,0-0)
9. Clemson (2-1,1-0)
10. Ohio State (2-1,1-0)
11. Florida (2-1,0-1)
12. Notre Dame (3-0)
13. Ole Miss (3-0,0-0)
14. Iowa State (2-1,0-0)
15. BYU (3-0)
16. ARKANSAS (3-0,0-0)
17. Coastal Carolina (3-0,0-0)
18. Wisconsin (1-1,0-1)
19. Michigan (3-0,0-0)
*20. Michigan State (3-0,1-0)
21. North Carolina (3-1,1-1)
*22. Fresno State (3-1,0-0)
23. Auburn (2-1,0-0)
24. UCLA (2-1,0-0)
*25. Kansas State (3-0,0-0)

Dropped Out: 15Virginia Tech (2-1,1-0), 19Arizona State (2-1,0-0), 24Miami (1-2,0-0)

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